curl_pushheader_bynum(3) libcurl curl_pushheader_bynum(3)

curl_pushheader_bynum - get a push header by index

#include <curl/curl.h>
char *curl_pushheader_bynum(struct curl_pushheaders *h, size_t num);

This is a function that is only functional within a CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION(3) callback. It makes no sense to try to use it elsewhere and it has no function then.

It returns the value for the header field at the given index num, for the incoming server push request or NULL. The data pointed to is freed by libcurl when this callback returns. The returned pointer points to a "name:value" string that gets freed when this callback returns.

/* output all the incoming push request headers */
int curl_push_callback(CURL *parent,
                       CURL *easy,
                       size_t num_headers,
                       struct curl_pushheaders *headers,
                       void *clientp)
  sizt_t i = 0;
  char *field;
  do {
     field = curl_pushheader_bynum(headers, i);
       fprintf(stderr, "Push header: %s\n", field);
  } while(field);
  return CURL_PUSH_OK; /* permission granted */
curl_multi_setopt(multi, CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION, curl_push_callback);

Added in 7.44.0

Returns a pointer to the header field content or NULL.

CURLMOPT_PUSHFUNCTION(3), curl_pushheader_byname(3)

September 26, 2023 libcurl 8.4.0