GETHOSTUUID(2) 2 (mac os x system calls manual) GETHOSTUUID(2)

gethostuuidreturn a unique identifier for the current machine

#include <unistd.h>

gethostuuid(uuid_t id, const struct timespec *wait);

The () function returns a 16-byte uuid_t specified by id, that uniquely identifies the current machine. Be aware that the hardware identifiers that gethostuuid() uses to generate the UUID can themselves be modified.

The wait argument is a pointer to a struct timespec that specifies the maximum time to wait for the result. Setting the tv_sec and tv_nsec fields to zero means to wait indefinitely until it completes.

The gethostuuid() function returns zero on success or -1 on error.

The gethostuuid() functions fails if:

wait points to memory that is not a valid part of the process address space.
The wait timeout expired before the UUID could be obtained.


November 5, 2008 Mac OS X