rwbypid.d(1m) USER COMMANDS rwbypid.d(1m)

rwbypid.d - read/write calls by PID. Uses DTrace.


This script tracks the number of reads and writes at the syscall level by processes, printing the totals in a report. This matches reads and writes whether they succeed or not.

Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges can run this command.

# rwbypid.d

process ID
process name
direction, Read or Write
total calls

See the DTraceToolkit for further documentation under the Docs directory. The DTraceToolkit docs may include full worked examples with verbose descriptions explaining the output.

rwbypid.d will sample until Ctrl-C is hit.

Brendan Gregg [Sydney, Australia]

rwbbypid.d(1M), dtrace(1M)

June 28, 2005 version 1.00