lastwords(1m) USER COMMANDS lastwords(1m)

lastwords - print syscalls before exit. Uses DTrace.

lastwords command

This prints the last few system calls for processes matching the given name, when they exit. This makes use of a ring buffer so that the impact on the system is minimised.

Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges can run this command.

# lastwords netscape

time of syscall return, ns
process ID
process name (execname)
system call
return value for the system call
errno for the system call


DTrace Guide "Buffers and Buffering" chapter (

See the DTraceToolkit for further documentation under the Docs directory. The DTraceToolkit docs may include full worked examples with verbose descriptions explaining the output.

lastwords will sample until a command with that name exits.

dtruss(1M), dtrace(1M)

June 8, 2005 version 0.70