errinfo(1m) USER COMMANDS errinfo(1m)

errinfo - print errno for syscall fails. Uses DTrace.

errinfo [-a|-A|-hsvZ] [-c command]

errinfo snoops syscall failures and prints the errno value and description of the error number.

This program can help determine if applications are silently failing, providing some details on the cause.

Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges can run this command.

counts - print an aggregate style report containing a frequency count of errors
examine this PID only
examine processes with ths name only (eg, "ls")

# errinfo
# errinfo -c
# errinfo -n ssh PP
# errinfo -p 81

Program name (truncated)
System call name
Value of errno
Description of errno message

See the DTraceToolkit for further documentation under the Docs directory. The DTraceToolkit docs may include full worked examples with verbose descriptions explaining the output.

errinfo will run forever until Ctrl-C is hit.

Contains the full descriptions for the error numbers.

Brendan Gregg [Sydney, Australia]

dtrace(1M), truss(1)

May 14, 2005 version 1.10